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Neighbours not acting neighbourly


  |  Posted: Wednesday, Nov 23, 2011 03:13 pm

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Dear Editor, We live in Airdrie and would like to thank whichever one of our neighbours reported our dogs to the City - basically a death sentence for our pets - leaving five broken hearts to grieve.

The problem with them, as best I can tell, is that they would howl with the sirens from the fire trucks and police cars. My God, what a crime - well worth the death penalty.

We have lived here now for a year, having moved back to the city (not by our choice) with our two dogs whom have never lived in the city.

If you knew our dogs, it would break your heart as well. They are very loving, smart, eager to please and well-trained. One was rescued as a pup five years ago, the other - a two-year- old - we have also had since a pup. They are both just so happy to be alive, to be able to run around the yard, or go for an adventure. To lock up and kennel a dog day and night is an injustice and breaks their spirit. It breaks my heart and makes me cry to see the sadness in my dogs’ eyes when I come home from work to let them out of their kennels after being locked in there for nine hours and I will not continue to sentence my dogs to a life in prison. It goes against my beliefs and Mother Nature’s way of life. So it is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we are grieving.

The people across the street from us party pretty much every weekend in their garage off the front street until the wee hours of the morning with no cares in the world or thought of who they are keeping awake. The neighbour two doors down has a dog that cries and whines constantly when left outside with the owners away. That same dog runs loose in the neighbourhood constantly, off leash. Their cat is always out and chooses my flower bed for its litter box. The neighbours beside and across the street from us also have dogs who bark. The bobcat/skidsteer that drags its blade across the parking lot with its back-up beep beep beep going on through the wee hours of the morning to clean snow in the parking lot behind us seems acceptable. The daycare with an outside play area in the same parking lot outside my backyard is filled with little kids who scream, scream, scream all day long every single day and that seems acceptable. The young crowd who sees fit to drink, skateboard and party in that same parking lot, leaving their empties all over, where the police can't see them seems acceptable.

We have not complained to any of our neighbours nor the city, nor the police about any of these issues because we want to try and get along with everyone and accept people and their lives for what they are. I shovelled the neighbours sidewalks all winter last year because I believe that is what neighbours do for each other.

So, to the anonymous neighbour who reported our pets to the City, I hope you are content and happy now, knowing that because of your impatience and intolerance, we are now grieving the likely loss of two very cherished family members, whom we love very much.

I wish, instead of complaining to the City and plaguing us with fines, you would have come to us to talk about it, and given us a chance to try and find a way for everyone to live peacefully. We were trying to fit into your world.

Shannon, Paul and Jenny Ouellette, Airdrie


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