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Airdrie City View launches a new feature: Tell Tammy


  |  Posted: Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 04:08 pm

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Editor’s Note: This week we welcome a new monthly feature called Tell Tammy. The author, Tammy Tkachuk, is the owner of Airdrie-based Transition Life Coaching & Wellness. She works with adult clients who seek to better themselves, focus on the changes they want to make in their lives and hold themselves accountable to the goals they set. With this column, the goal is to allow readers to ask questions about an issue in their life they would like to sort out. In turn, Tammy will respond as best as possible and give the reader some direction. Tammy is looking for readers to send in questions so she can go through them and pick out ones that would be most generally applicable to others. Please e-mail Tammy directly with your queries at:

Dear Tammy,

I find there is so much build up to the holidays, especially with family and then when they are done, the ‘winter blues’ set in, where it seems winter lasts forever and it is long and depressing. Any suggestions for coping?

- Amy

Hello Amy,

Great question! I think that what you have described here is quite common for a lot of people to experience during this time of year. Many people feel the winter blues for various reasons such as lack of sunlight, overwhelmed by all of the events that take place, family turmoil, and financial stress. There are a few ways to cope with the feelings you have:

1) Take time to just be… recognize what you have and enjoy it. Find your own personal space and let go of your emotions, whether that be out loud or in writing. The key is to find it and take the time to be alone with your thoughts and emotions.

2) Breathe - it has been shown that taking the time to breathe through your diaphragm can have positive effects on the body as opposed to the shallow breathing we are all used to.

3) Spend time with the people who make you happy-go out for coffee with a friend, play in the snow with your children… whatever it may be take the time to do something that brings a smile to you face.

4) Create a list of goals for the new year - things you want to do and accomplish. This helps to give something to look forward to.

Stay warm.



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