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Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser – A Sweet Success!


  |  Posted: Thursday, Dec 26, 2013 06:00 am

Top sellers Brielle Homan (U8) & Tannaya Claus-Shanahan (U8)
Top sellers Brielle Homan (U8) & Tannaya Claus-Shanahan (U8)
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We imagine you have been waiting with baited breath to hear the results of this year’s Airdrie and District Soccer Association’s (ADSA) Purdy’s fundraiser, it was a huge hit.

Twenty-five per cent of the club participated in this initiative. Collectively, that group of determined, imaginative, entrepreneurial, and let’s not forget competitive members, collected just over $40,000 in sales.

For those of you that aren’t aware of how the Purdy’s initiative works, the Club gets 30 per cent of that. Of that money, the ADSA is ‘paying it forward’ in the sum of just over $3,500 back to the participating player-sellers to reduce their outdoor registration fees. Sweet!

Where does the rest of the money go, you ask? There are a lot of moving parts to run this organization. With more than 1,000 players and 77 teams, we need professionals to help us - trainers, administration, referees, technical coaches, and let’s not forget about a world class facility to call our home.

Another expense is marketing. We have experienced a slight decline in registration numbers because for some reason, the community didn’t think soccer was alive in Airdrie anymore. This means we need to spread the word using paid marketing initiatives so we can set the story straight.

The feel-good story of the day is the results that were achieved by two little girls, and let’s not kid ourselves, their resourceful, well connected and driven parents. Between these two families, they sold almost $8,000 in chocolate.

When these two families were presented with the opportunity to have their fees reduced, support the inner workings of the association, and vie for a chance to win cold-hard cash, they rolled up their sleeves and they sold, sold and sold some more.

It takes a lot to be a success in life. I’m going to quote Ashton Kutcher who received the Ultimate Choice Award at the Teen Choice Awards “…opportunity looks a lot like hard work…” At ADSA we are presenting you with an opportunity to be a success. A success can mean something different for each individual. It may be overcoming shyness, being a leader, developing skills, making friends, being active, etc. No matter where you focus your attention, hard work will make you a success.

A little about our top sellers:

•Brielle Homan (U8) – Top Seller at $4,069. Brielle will receive a cheque for $250 and $400 off future soccer registration fees. Brielle is seven years old. She sold the chocolate with her brother (Bryce Homan U10). She has played soccer for two years and plays the piano. Brielle wants to keep playing soccer and keep having fun. Brielle was invited to technical training and is excited to try out for competitive soccer next year. Her dad works at Teine Energy and took the catalog to work and the staff went crazy. When asked what she would do with the $350, she said, “buy a dog!” Good luck with that mom and dad!

•Tannaya Claus-Shanahan (U8) – Second place seller at $3,859. Because the two players were so close in sales, we just had to recognize both. Tannaya is six years old. She has played soccer for two years and likes to swim and play softball. Her dream is to kick the ball from one end of the field all the way to the other end and score. Tannaya sold chocolate because, “we wanted to get a lot of money!” They accomplished this by “having a lot of friends coming over.” When Tannaya was asked how she felt about being second place, she said, ‘its really close to first!’ When told she would receive $100 cash she laughed maniacally. When told her fees would be reduced by $300, she couldn’t believe it and just kept repeating “Three hundred dollars? Three hundred dollars?” When asked what she would do with the $100 prize earnings, she said “buy a real horse!”

So there you go. These kids like chocolate, money and animals.

Sounds like they have their priorities in order to me.

Congratulations to the Homan and Shanahan family.

Your hard work has paid off. Congratulations to all of the other soccer families that participated.

You have created positive change for this association through your dedication and commitment.

You have set a good example by supporting the soccer community and you have taught a valuable lesson: When given the opportunity, its up to you what you make of it.

ADSA Marketing Committee


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