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Concerns about intersection safety


  |  Posted: Thursday, Jan 30, 2014 01:13 pm

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Dear Editor,

I moved to this great city last year. I am extremely impressed with how the infrastructure of this city is so well planned out, providing people with proper roadways, schools and shopping for the quickly growing population. I drive around the city like everyone else does to go to the gym, take my dog to the off-leash park and of course grocery shopping. But unfortunately, I encounter one very dangerous place every single day. This death trap is the corner of Yankee Valley Blvd. and Eighth Street.

This corner has three problems. First, there are no turn signals and this corner is becoming extremely busy because of the many new neighbourhoods popping up, so when the light turns green, everyone has to wait a long time to make a safe turn. Secondly, the turning lane is very dangerous. There are always cars on opposite turning lanes so when you go to turn left from Yankee Valley Blvd. on to Eighth Street, you cannot see any cars coming. Typically, you should be able to nudge forward enough so you can see what may be crossing before making your move. Unfortunately, there is no room for error (seems like less than the average amount of room). If you nudge even inches, a car can come across and smash into your front end of your car.

I am an extremely careful driver and even drive parallel to the crossing lane so the hood of my car does not stick out, yet still, I canít see a thing! Basically, what this means, is that you either have to have a pick-up truck to have a better view, or wait for the cars to complete their turns on the opposite side so that no one is blocking your view, or take a Russian roulette chance and just hope there are no cars.

Today was the day I took a chance. It seemed clear of any cars crossing, but that was a big mistake as a car nearly smashed into me. I decided that it was time to do something about this and hopefully get this problem heard.

I think the easiest way to fix this problem is to have turning signals on this corner. This would make this corner safe and most importantly save lives. I seriously predict some very big accidents on this corner in the very near future. There is a new shopping area on this corner as well as a very large high school, which is nearing completion. This should make this an even higher priority as it will be much busier, with over a thousand teens and a lot less impatient parents dropping and picking up their kids. I know this problem is also not just mine, because every time Iím on this corner I see everyone else being quite frustrated and scared with this corner especially the older folks who donít like being forced to take chances. Having a turning light will make these people much happier and safer.

I beg someone at the City of Airdrie to please take this complaint seriously and make something happen. Also if this gets published, can people please reply to this letter in support of this problem? This way the City knows it is not just one persons view.

Brandon Paris,


Editorís Note: According to the City of Airdrie, the construction of left turn signals in all directions at the intersection on Yankee Valey Blvd. and Eighth Street is expected to go to tender by the end of February.


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