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Rocky View Publishing assistant editor is sick of cold winter weather

By: Sara Wilson

  |  Posted: Thursday, Feb 06, 2014 11:28 am

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That little groundhog better be right, because Ive had enough.

Balzac Billy didnt see his shadow (thank God) on Feb. 2 so according to tradition, were looking at an early spring. He was right last year, heres hoping for a repeat performance. While I will say the beginning of January was lovely for two weeks, I got used to it, and said stupid things like its beginning to feel like spring, and it did and spirits were high.

Hitting the bottom end of the -20C again is hard to take after the bragging rights we had with spring-like temperatures of +12C in late January, when for once, it seemed like the east was finally getting a taste of a prairie winter.

Weve hit the part of the season where my skin is starting to look translucent and staying in bed under the covers seems like the best plan.

The dog pulls out the puppy-dog-eyes when he wants to go outside, which becomes a barter match between my partner and I, No you take him out, hes your dog, or I took him out last time, its your turn, or the always popular, Fine, Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Poor dog waits a good 20 minutes before one of us loses and has to suit up to take him outside.

The oh hurry up and pee, threats start after 15 minutes of standing in -20C for the prince to sniff every bush, snow mound, tree, fire hydrants in the vicinity at 4 a.m. just because he can.

Which of course means that hes freezing after 20 minutes and has to sleep on the bed under the covers, stealing the warmth just to warm up.

Should have got a cat.

Should have moved to Florida, come to think of it.

But remaining positive is the key to winter, they tell me. Its only two months away from spring, and I cant wait.

Winter is always too long no matter where I live. It rains all winter on the west coast, temperatures plummet on the prairies and its just miserable up north. We plan to move to the east coast in the future, but after this winter, I think Ill forgo that move for a while. Shovelling many feet of accumulated snow off of the roof is not my idea of fun in February.

Looking at the long range forecast, it doesnt seem to be easing up, with the temperature still hovering around the -15C until well past Valentines Day.

I would be perfectly happy to be a 30-something-year-old-snow-bird and fly the coup for the winter months, sunbathe and swim in the ocean, and return to Canada in all its glory for the summer months.

I cant get enough of Canada in the summer. Our lakes, three-day hikes in the mountains, fishing and camping, I live for it. Getting past our winters is whats exhausting to me.

The one bonus for me suffering through the winter months, is the winter cooking. Slow-cooked roasts, roasted harvest root vegetables, soups and stews, homemade breads and countless hours of baking treats to keep me smiling through another blizzard.

I just hope that all those treats, wont prevent me from getting into those summer shorts when it finally rolls around, because that would be devastating.


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