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Rocky View Publishing reporter coming to terms with getting older

By: Matt Durnan

  |  Posted: Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 11:33 am

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Itís been nearly three years since I packed up and moved from the eastern time zone and made my way west.

In that time, however, I feel as if Iíve aged by almost double that number. Well maybe aged isnít the correct word, that makes it sound like my body has been breaking down, but Iíve grown up incrementally.

With my 29th birthday less than a month away (real 29th, not my fourth or fifth one) it seems as though every day Iím discovering more and more things about myself that make me feel older.

Iíve all but given up on listening to new music on the radio, because these new young whippersnappers donít know good music when they hear it. Instead I find myself more often than not, listening to 90ís playlists on my iPod and saying things like, ďwhy canít music be like this anymore?Ē

When I see high school kids in skinny jeans and neon snapback hats, I think to myself, ďthose pants canít possibly be comfortable, I wonder if he knows how stupid he looks,Ē but then I quickly remember that when I was in high school the popular look was baggy jeans that hung below your rear end and T-shirts that were about four sizes too big.

The once fashion-forward individual I was, who used to head to the mall the day he got his paycheques to buy the newest shirts or jeans is gone.

Iíve settled comfortably on the classic polo shirt and jeans look for the most part.

In fact, if thereís any indicator that my priorities have changed, the last time I splurged on clothing of any kind, it was on a pair of suits, a few ties and dress socks at a cost that Iíd rather not think about.

Gone are the days when I felt cool because I was wearing a pair of $150 jeans; now when I see that price tag attached to an article of clothing in a store, my first thought is, ďthatís a car payment right there.Ē

The most recent in my series of self-discoveries came when I booked my time off from work.

Itís been over a year since I took a vacation, and where did I decide to go? Back home to Ontario, in the middle of February.

At the price of my flight I could have easily grabbed an all inclusive trip to Cuba or Mexico or Costa Rica, but I opted for the comforts of home and the chance to reconnect with friends and family that I havenít seen in over a year.

It should be mentioned that Iíve never really had the travel bug, and the majority of the ďtripsĒ Iíve taken in my life happened when I was younger and they involved hopping in the family van for a weekend soccer or hockey tournament.

Add to that the fact that since I left back in 2011, my life has felt like one big trip with no set timeline, and as with most trips, the intent is to eventually go home.

Maybe a week back home with some old people (sorry mom and dad) will refresh me and 29 wonít seem quite so old. For the time being though, Iíll keep frowning at new music and fashion trends from my wicker chair.


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