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Resident against mandatory green bin fee


  |  Posted: Thursday, Mar 13, 2014 10:33 am

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Re: “City addresses concerns around organics pick-up at open house,” March 6

Dear Editor,

I am one of those people against the green, pay whether you use it or not, boxes. And I am afraid that although there are small companies making a business out of curbside recycling for those who want it, that we will soon see that forced on us as well (with an additional fee of course). We have lived here for 14 years and have faithfully composted our organic waste in our backyard and then used the result to enrich our soil, which would be good for everyone to do. I think we should be rewarded for not taxing the landfill all this time by being given the choice to opt out of paying for a City green box program when we have already been operating our own personal green box program here for years.

Some time ago, Calgary went on a campaign to encourage composting. They offered, at a nominal price, composters for anyone that wanted them. Did Airdrie even consider trying something like this first?

I guess there would be no money for them in that. My experience is that there are those that will compost/recycle and there are those that won’t.

Adding a fee to their bill won’t cause them to start going to the effort because, let’s face it, it is much easier to throw everything into a garbage bag and even easier still to shove organic stuff down a garburator than to separate it, store it and get it all to the curb on a specific day each week. It’s a stretch to think they will start doing otherwise because there’s a fee on their bill for curbside organics.

If it’s not the dollars and really is the environment that Airdrie is concerned about, can it really be environmentally friendly to have more big trucks travelling every day to pick this stuff up? (When we take in our recycling it is in conjunction with other errands and not a special trip.) I guess it does make for more publicly funded jobs. I agree with those who say that it is just another way to dig into our pockets, a tax in a thin green disguise.

I think there is also a real ego element to this. Airdrie considers itself as becoming a real trendsetter. I recently read about how Airdrie started recycling wood at the landfill and how Calgary then “followed” Airdrie’s good example. And now Airdrie is the maverick introducing organic curbside recycling before Calgary. Lucky thing Calgary has the little city to the north to lead them. I think the Airdrie politicians desire the renown of being considered the greenest city in Alberta, especially with the Summer Games coming and they don’t care what it costs the people.

Nelda Beagle,



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