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Rocky View Publishing reporter settles in to Airdrie, Rocky View County

By: Andrew Szekeres

  |  Posted: Thursday, Apr 24, 2014 06:00 am

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Iím optimistic.

I feel that this is the start of a relationship. You know that warm feeling you get after the first sip from a hot cocoa? Or the first kiss from that certain someone special?

That feeling.

Iím not talking about cocoa or girlfriends here, Iím talking news.

My name is Andrew Szekeres and Iím here to report the news.

I was born and raised in Alberta Ė well Calgary to be more exact. From a young age, I enjoyed watching the news at night and reading the newspaper the next.

OK, so maybe reading the newspaper as a kid first meant only reading the comics and sports section. By the time I was nine, though, I could tell you all about Al Duerr and Jean Chretien to even the Kosovo War.

After high school I bounced around jobs. I was like Odd Job Jack (come on thereís got to be at least one person who remembers that show), from working with electronics to jewelry to canvassing money for children in Bangladesh to aerating lawns.

It would be the new journalism that would beckon my interest in journalism. New journalism began in the Ď60s of which news was reported in an unconventional and alternative way. Some of these journalists that I read included Tom Wolfe, Tim Crouse and Norman Mailer.

I realized that journalism would be my calling when I read Hunter S. Thompsonís crŤme de la crŤme, his Fear and Loathing work.

Both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and On the Campaign Trail í72 affirmed that journalism is my passion.

Itís not the surface story of a duo on drugs or of a journalist trying to follow George McGovern that caught me. It was the story of the failure of the American dream and the story of how hollow political affiliations can be that caught me.

The story beyond the story.

I have no interest in becoming the next Thompson, Wolfe or Peter Mansbridge Ė with all due respect.

I just want to report the news to you.

I donít want to come off as that college kid that watched Fear and Loathing and read half of Nineteen Eighty-Four, that suddenly thinks they know all the correct political decisions that need to be made or what news is.

Heck, Iím not even sure many politicians or journalists know that either.

In Calgary, I wrote for the Calgary Journal and Profiles West magazine. I wrote on topics of sports, entertainment, elections and politics, freedom of information and domestic violence.

Above all I loved writing about the community. It is the enjoyment of the experience of meeting with people that would range from national playwrights to hanging out with a councillor candidate at 2 a.m.

Thatís what precisely makes Airdrie and Rocky View so special Ė community.

Itís the ability to write about a community coming together for the Festival of Lights to showcasing a rodeo to the world. The sense of solidarity, from students promoting civil liberty to the local fire department raising money for the Boys and Girls Club. The coverage of local events from how elections will affect the community, to finding out whoís to blame for that truck that was stuck in between Airdrie and Didsbury that caused all that traffic.

Itís stories like this that attracted me here and I look forward to writing for you.

Thatís why I feel optimistic.


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