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Gassing gophers is the way to go


  |  Posted: Thursday, Jun 12, 2014 11:08 am

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Re: “Resident upset over City of Airdrie’s pest control method,” and “Gassing rodents is just not right,” June 5

Dear Editor,

Richardson Ground Squirrels are more commonly known as gophers in our area. I always have grave concerns when citizens like Shirley Morton, who have so little understanding of nature, write emotional stories about creatures they have no practical experience with, or knowledge or understanding about but are concerned and trying to protect.

Two gophers in one season will produce about eight babies (2/3 of which are female and it only takes 23 days to have babies) and those five female babies will produce babies in the same year they are born and on and on until you have approximately 48 gophers from two gophers in one year.

Gophers are a menace to our environment, similar to rats.

Their greatest ecological purpose is to be a food source for their predators. They do have some natural predators, and natural controls, and these are tall uncut grass, hawks, badgers, weasels, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions and lynx, but none of these are compatible with a city environment, but these predators will be attracted to a food source.

In nature, the stronger, smarter animals are dominant and protect their territory. People are No. 1 in the chain and should protect their territory. You do not need to worry, people will never make gophers extinct.

The most appalling part of this whole topic, was to see the editor’s article in City View - page 10 on June 5, defending the Richardson ground squirrel, with what appears to be little research or understanding of the problem.

Are you also opposed to the rat control in Alberta?

Mr. Hanson, Airdrie


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