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Racetrack would be a benefit to the Airdrie area


  |  Posted: Thursday, Jul 31, 2014 06:00 am

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Dear Editor,

What a better week to write a letter to the editor? There will be hundreds of parents looking at Airdrie’s publications.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) it seems in Canada, and most specifically Western Canada, and even more specifically in Alberta, the only real sports that can get proper support are the conventional stick-and-ball sports.

This weekend saw an incredible display of athleticism in the city, with the best of Alberta coming to our fantastically supportive city to show the skills they have learned over their sporting careers.

I grew up in Airdrie playing hockey, a little baseball and even tried my hand at soccer for a year or two.

I will even admit that those same stick-and-ball sports I played turned me into the social being I am today.

Not to mention the friendships that were developed during that time.

Now this brings me to my conundrum. I have heard nothing but negativity about “the race track” proposed for 640-acres of land northeast of Airdrie.

Prime agricultural land, not in my backyard, it will be too loud, there will be too much traffic, people will be street racing in Airdrie, how will we be able to enforce a race track… the questions go on and on.

What I feel is the most prominent individual asking these questions, or worse, just jumping to their own conclusion, is the uneducated. Big ideas can be shot down by small minds.

A race track is no different than your local hockey rink.

It nurtures an interest for a sport in a safe and controlled manner.

I am not going to type up all the pros and cons of having a race track within the area, in fact this column is to spur on people’s interest and maybe get someone to educate themselves before they form an opinion.

A “race track” houses so much more than those “guys with the powerful car down the street who are always speeding,” or even “those annoying crotch-rocket guys who are always revving their engines in their garage.” Believe it or not, children use race tracks. Seniors use race tracks.

Driving schools use race tracks. Community events (such as that big one this past weekend) could certainly use a race track.

I am utterly shocked that there has not been a high-profile death on Calgary or even Airdrie streets due to street racing because there has not been a race track in the city for three years.

The region needs a facility.

The sport needs a facility. Anyone with the slightest interest in motorsports needs a facility, because if we don’t do something to support this sport it will disappear.

And if it disappears, where the heck are all those gear-heads going to go?

Our streets that is where.

I am not a data translator, or gatherer for that matter, but with incredibly high quality of track that is planned for our region, I can almost guarantee that the economic benefits of one year of having a race track will outweigh the benefits of the Alberta Summer Games.

Every niche sport has its enemies, just ask the chuckwagon racing or rodeo community.

But it seems that motorsports doesn’t have too many allies.

Covy Moore,



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