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Rockyview Motorsports Park, not in our backyards


  |  Posted: Thursday, Aug 14, 2014 11:28 am

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Dear Editor,

Calgary is apparently unwilling to expose their residents to the noise and traffic of a motorsports park. That has forced motorsports supporters to look beyond Calgary to find a location for their sport.

The proposed location that they have found is in Rocky View County, just one half mile away from the City of Airdrieís northeast boundary.

In the recent past, motorsports enthusiasts have listed many reasons why a motorsports park should be built.

While I can understand the merit of their arguments, Iím not sure why these enthusiasts think the people in the Airdrie/Rocky View area should Ďtake one for the teamí for them.

Why should a farmer whose family has lived on the land for generations; who depends on their land for their livelihood, and enjoys the peace and quiet that comes from living on a farm, be happy to have a racetrack in their backyard?

Why should an acreage owner who has chosen a rural area because of the peace and quiet, be pleased that the road in front of their house is going to be the access road to a racetrack?

Why should Airdrie, a city that prides itself on the serenity of 450 acres of parkland and the nature that surrounds the communities, want all of its residents to live as close as half a mile (0.8 km) and no further than six miles (9.6 km) from a motorsports park?

Airdrie residents already suffer from the burden of undesirable sound from: trains, vehicle traffic on an increasingly busy QEII highway, and flights in and out of the Calgary International Airport and Airdrie Airpark.

In the case of the proposed Rockyview Motorsports Park, it isnít even clear from their computer model sound studies (which didnít include noise from traffic entering and exiting the site), what the noise levels might be - and they have not been forthcoming with the additional information requested.

There is also a concern about noise from amenities that might be added to the venue in the future.

A drag strip, for example, could be built if someone was willing to step up to fund it.

Why then, would Airdrie be supportive of a motorsports park? In reality, they donít have to be because it isnít up to them to approve or deny the project. Rocky View County will make that decision.

The question then, is, will Rocky View County approve a project that: falls outside of County approved growth nodes, in an area that does not have an Area Structure Plan to guide growth, and is not wanted by the residents who will be most affected?

If you think the location of this proposed project is not a good one for you, then let the City of Airdrie and Rocky View County know.

Stand up for your right to control how much more noise you want in your backyard.

Midge Westermark,

We Say NO Rockyview Motorsports


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