Details of review of aerospace industry to be outlined Monday in Montreal

The Space Shuttle Endeavour's Canadarm on July 19, 2009. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, NASA Photo
The Canadian Press
MONTREAL - The federal government will unveil its sweeping review of Canada's aerospace policies on Monday in the home city of Canada's biggest aircraft maker and key aerospace suppliers.
Industry Minister Christian Paradis is slated to announce the long-awaited study late Monday morning and name the person who will lead the effort.
A recent report said former federal Industry Minister David Emerson has been chosen for the job.
Paradis is slated to be in the suburb of St. Hubert, where he will tour a research lab for Canada's aerospace industry that was built through the federal knowledge infrastructure program.
In announcing the review last year, Ottawa said it wanted "to develop a federal policy framework to maximize the competitiveness of this export-oriented sector and the resulting benefits to Canadians."
"The government has made substantial, successful investments to leverage private sector investment in this important, high-tech and growing sector of our economy," it said.
"To build on these successes, the government will ensure that stable funding is provided for the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative through this 12-18 month consultative review, and examine options for continuing the level of funding thereafter."
There are a number of federal programs that help aerospace companies through subsidies, training grants and other financing.
The review will be carried out along with the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada and its member companies which include Montreal companies such as aircraft maker Bombardier, flight simulator maker and pilot trainer CAE Inc. and gear manufacturer Heroux-Devtek.
Industry representatives have been waiting for months to find out who will lead the project.
The federal review comes as a result of pressure from the aerospace industry, which is increasingly concerned about new competition in the global market.
Paradis told an Ottawa conference last November the review will start in early 2012, with a report to be completed by the end of the year.
The Canadian aerospace industry, which ranks fifth in the world, has annual revenues of more than $22 billion and creates jobs across the country.
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