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Thursday Nov 20, 2014

Our view: A look at the numbers

Initially we were going to defend our snow removal process, until we looked at the numbers. As we see it - and most of our editorial board lives in Airdrie - we don’t think it needs more resources and believe the City does a good job clearing the streets of snow. ...

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Thursday Nov 13, 2014

Our view: Unplug Airdronians

The worst in the province Airdrie, the worst in the province.

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Thursday Nov 6, 2014

Our view: Lest we forget

We’ve been planning our Remembrance Day coverage for months now, searching for local veterans to share their heroic stories of service, and this year we’ve tracked down some remarkable former soldiers. See stories page 17 through 19.

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Thursday Oct 30, 2014

Stay safe this Halloween

Soon children and adults will be taking over the streets, dressed in terrifying costumes, going door-to-door giving home owners one major ultimatum, “trick or treat?”

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Thursday Oct 23, 2014

Our view: Proposed provision to bylaw goes too far

Do you know what’s worse than having the same question asked 50 times? Answering the same question 50 times.

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Thursday Oct 16, 2014

Our View: Another day, another school

Another day, another government announcement it seems.

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Oct 09

Enviable bravery

Every once in a while, there comes a story that resonates with everyone, and the story of George McDougall student Cailtin Haacke certainly took Airdrie’s attention.
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Oct 02

Motorists need to slow down

We were happy to hear the young girl that was hit by a car on a crosswalk in the Meadowbrook neighbourhood on Sept. 26 was unharmed in the accident and didn’t sustain any long-term injuries. (See page 1 and 7).
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Sep 25

Seniors care cuts not acceptable

We were glad to see Bethany Care workers, residents and local politicians come out to support a protest outside the Airdrie location, Sept. 17. See story on pages 1 and 2.
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Sep 18

Report card changes needed

We are glad to see Rocky View Schools (RVS) has worked with parents to alter the new report cards for kindergarten to Grade 8 students. See story on page 12.
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Sep 11

Delay attending scene not RCMP’s fault

No one wants to be jolted awake to the sound of steel crashing into steel.
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Sep 04

Closing firehall is the right move

We agree with Airdrie City council’s decision to close down the Main Street firehall after a new station is built in WIlliamstown by the fall of 2015. See story on pages 1 and 6.
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