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Thursday Jan 22, 2015

Poor foresight

No one said the life of an elected official was going to be easy. You have to deal with complicated decisions in a short timeframe, and there will always be one resident or 1,500 that donít agree with the decision. ...

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Thursday Jan 15, 2015

Within his right

Apparently some found Deputy Mayor Allan Hunterís petition a breach of his municipal code of ethics, and one found it so upsetting that a complaint was made to City Hall.

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Thursday Jan 8, 2015

Third timeís a charm

Youíve got to hand it to him, he does know how to keep us on our toes.

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Tuesday Dec 30, 2014

Our view: Another year for the history books

What a year. As per usual Airdronians have kept us busy.

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Thursday Dec 18, 2014

Our view: Here we go again

Not one phone call, not one town hall meeting, not one Letter to the Editor, not one mailout to voters, not one open house at the constituency office.

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Thursday Dec 11, 2014

Our view: Thankful for our officers

A driver arrested for going nearly 170 kilometres per hour flying down the highway with twice the legal blood alcohol limit? Incidents like that one make you want to stay inside and away from the highways on the weekend.

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Dec 04

Our view: Tax increase needed

While no one wants to pay more and see the family budget affected, in some cases itís needed.
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Nov 27

Our view: To live-stream or not?

Would residents take more of an interest in municipal politics if council meetings were live-streamed? Thatís the question one business owner would like residents to vote on. (See story page 12).
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Nov 20

Our view: A look at the numbers

Initially we were going to defend our snow removal process, until we looked at the numbers.
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Nov 13

Our view: Unplug Airdronians

The worst in the province Airdrie, the worst in the province.
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Nov 06

Our view: Lest we forget

Weíve been planning our Remembrance Day coverage for months now, searching for local veterans to share their heroic stories of service, and this year weíve tracked down some remarkable former soldiers. See stories page 17 through 19.
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Oct 30

Stay safe this Halloween

Soon children and adults will be taking over the streets, dressed in terrifying costumes, going door-to-door giving home owners one major ultimatum, ďtrick or treat?Ē
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