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Thursday Aug 14, 2014

Sun still shines after hail storm

The hail storm of Aug. 7 caused millions of dollars worth of damage and was classified as a catastrophic event by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. See stories on pages 1, 3, 4 and 13. The golf-ball-sized hailstones broke windows of cars and homes, destroyed siding, dented vehicles, mangled roofs and even injured animals stuck out in the fast-...

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Thursday Aug 7, 2014

Airdrie’s growth a blessing, curse

It’s official, Airdrie’s population continues to grow at a rapid rate. See story on page 1.

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Thursday Jul 31, 2014

Another successful event for Airdrie

The 2014 Alberta Summer Games are behind us and what a successful event it was! See our complete coverage on pages 1, 2, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23.

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Thursday Jul 24, 2014

Summer Games are finally here

It’s here!

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Thursday Jul 17, 2014

Airdrie comes together to search

We are deeply saddened that the Calgary Police Service have ruled the disappearance of Nathan O’Brien, 5, and Kathryn, 53, and Alvin Liknes, 66, a homicide. See story on page 1.

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Thursday Jul 10, 2014

Missing persons case devastating

The cities of Calgary, Airdrie and people across the country are waiting with bated breath for a break in the missing persons case of Calgarians Nathan O’Brien, 5, and his grandparents Alvin Liknes, 66, and Kathy Liknes, 53. See story on page 1.

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Jul 03

Canada Day a huge success

If there is one thing Airdrie residents know how to do it’s party.
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Jun 26

The Province may listen if we speak

We were glad to hear Mayor Peter Brown say that he feels the Province is listening to Airdrie’s needs in his State of the City address on June 18. See story on pages 1 and 2.
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Jun 19

Looking back at Alberta flood 2013

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since the most devastating natural disaster to hit Alberta in recent memory. (See story on page 8).
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Jun 12

Green bin program is a huge success

We are glad to see the City’s organics pick-up program showing early signs of success. (See story on page 1).
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Jun 05

Gassing rodents is just not right

We were flabbergasted to hear that the City of Airdrie gasses the community’s Richardson ground squirrels with carbon monoxide and then fills in their holes in the spring. (See story on page 7).
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