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Staying Sharp and Focused While Aging

It is better to do little things now to take care of your health than suffer bigger consequences later. Do these things now to stay sharp and focused while aging.

Visit Your Family Doctor

Family doctors are passionate about your health care, preventive medicine and helping you to take an active role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your doctor-patient relationship is the centre of their family practice as they routinely monitor, order a variety of tests and listen to any questions you may have. Your doctor will also advocate for you with specialists and other health care professionals. They want to give you the best health care available to prevent illness and promote healthy living. Your annual visit to your doctor is very important, so don’t neglect those appointments.

Be Aware of Brain Health

On your last visit with your doctor, you may have discussed that there are times when you feel more anxious, stressed and even depressed.  As you grow older the brain can change and at times this causes some confusion. However, the brain does have the ability to adapt to your surroundings and circumstances, and that is why you need to stay in touch with your family doctor regarding the medicines you take and to understand their possible side effects on memory, sleep and brain function. 

You may have to re-evaluate some obvious factors like alcohol consumption, avoid nicotine and look at your sleeping habits. Also, remember that any head injury can affect cognition. Be sure to get an evaluation if you suffered a fall and hit your head.

Boost Your Mental Agility

You exercise to stay physically fit; exercising your mind will boost your mental agility. There is the regular variety: reading, brain teasers, crafting, crossword puzzles or regular puzzles – but maybe it is time to challenge yourself. Try games and activities that need organization or interaction with other people. Try board games or strategy games that you can enjoy with friends, adding a social element.

Also try to change your daily routine, different parks for the dog, different stores for groceries or take a different route to work. Changing everyday habits on a regular basis creates new brain pathways and keeps life interesting.

As Bob Dylan sang, “the times they are a-changing.” As you age you need to navigate through all the daily changes in your life. The good news is, by visiting your doctor for checkups, maintaining good brain health and boosting mental agility, you can age and stay sharp and focused.

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