100 Airdrie men who give a damn answer call to action


It started with six dads talking over beers about the need in their community; wanting to help the 100 Men Who Give a Damn Airdrie chapter was born.

“What we wanted to do was something that could provide an immediate impact, without really formalizing into our own charity,” said Jack Lumley, one of the chapter’s founding members.

The mandate of the group is one hundred men committing to donating $100 four times a year. At each of the quarterly meetings three charities are nominated to be considered for the $10,000 donation.

The 100 Men members vote on the charity they think is most deserving and the winning group is awarded the donation.

Winning charities can’t be nominated again for one year and the two nominees not selected as winner must wait a quarter before entering again.

The group is still looking for men to get involved. According to Lumley, there are more than 50 seats left to fill.

Lumley said the current economic situation has created a tough environment for fundraising charities.

“(100 Men Who Give a Damn) just seemed like a natural idea to come out. It’s pretty painless (for) the fellas,” Lumley said.

“Enjoy a little bit of fellowship and pitch in for a good cause and help the community.”

So far, only three charities have been nominated but more could be put forward for consideration before the group’s first meeting on Oct. 24.

“It’s a secret to the members until we show up. What we don’t want to have is a situation where people say ‘I support this charity, but I don’t support that charity,’” Lumley said. “The commitment is no matter how the group votes, that’s their $100 towards that charity.”

He added 100 per cent of the proceeds goes directly to the charities.

The first meeting will be held at Woodside Golf Course.

Calgary Stampeder’s defensive line coach Corey Mace will be speaking at the event about his experience with charitable organizations.

For more information, visit theairdrie100.com


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