1forALL program supports local community


Thanks to the participation of a number of local agents, CIR Realty donated more than $90,000 in 2017 to two deserving charities – Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) and Ronald McDonald House of Southern and Central Alberta.

According to CIR Realtor Terri Stephens, the company and its management team launched the charity program, 1forALL, in June 2017. In just seven months, she said contributors managed to raise $90,477.81 – to be divided between the two selected charities.

“It’s a voluntary program where realtors have the opportunity to donate a portion of the commission they earn to the charity of their choice,” Stephens said.

“For a just-launched program, we’ve raised a huge amount of money, and I think it’s really phenomenal.”

Each realtor has the option to choose between the charities or donate a portion to each. When the program was initially established, Stephens said, realtors were able to suggest charities they wanted to support. The process of selecting a charity took almost an entire year, and eventually came down to a vote.

“It ended up being all about the kids and the critters, and we’ve really started getting involved with the two charities we chose,” she said.

“It’s not just about the money, there’s a chance to give back physically, as well.”

According to Stephens, a number of local realtors went to Ronald McDonald House during the holidays to cook a Christmas dinner for the families there. Participants have also visited AARCS to take care of puppies for the day.

“There’s more than 750 of us realtors through CIR, so throughout the calendar year, there’s plenty of opportunities for all of us to participate in programs like this – cleaning up cages, working adoption events, or helping out at Ronald McDonald House,” Stephens said.

“It really gives you that feeling like you know where your money is going, and it’s putting a face to who needs that support. It’s a really humbling experience, and you’re just kind of awestruck by the whole thing.”

In Airdrie, Stephens said, there are many ways for individuals to support the community – but CIR wanted to establish a simple way to give back to the communities its agents work in. The program has been implemented into the company’s back office, she said, so it’s easy for all agents to contribute however much they want.

“It’s permanent now – it’s not just a limited campaign,” Stephens said.

“This year, I’m sure we’ll raise more than that $90,000, but I’m already really impressed with the amount of money we’ve been able to give. We’re a family company and we want to make a difference and help people – whether that’s four-legged people or people-people. That’s what CIR is all about.”


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