Airdrie Fire Department has busy Halloween


Firefighters from the Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) responded to the scene of a structure fire Oct. 31 on Arbor Crescent S.E. at 8:32 a.m., according to Deputy Fire Chief Garth Rabel.

“When the crews got on scene they found that a working smoke alarm in the residence had made residents aware and they, with their dog, evacuated safely outside,” he said. “When crews made their way into the home, they determined on the lower level that a jacket had been left on a heating appliance and when that appliance kicked in – because it was so cold – the jacket started smoldering and started to off gas and smoke.”

Rabel said the lower level of the home had filled with smoke, which had made its way up to the upper levels as well. Crews moved the scorched jacket outside and began ventilating the smoke from the home. No other homes in the vicinity were evacuated and once the home was deemed safe, the residents were allowed back in.

With the colder weather’s arrival, Rabel said it’s important people are careful around heating appliances and make sure they have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

On Nov. 3, the City of Airdrie lifted a fire advisory that had been in effect since Oct. 20.

Later that same morning, the AFD was called out to an oil spill on Highway 2, just south of the Veterans Boulevard exit in the southbound lanes.

“At about 10:13 a.m. – after crews cleared from the structure fire – they found a large transport truck by the side of the road. It was leaking fuel from its large fuel tank,” Rabel said. “It appears that the driver had inadvertently hit something, a piece of debris that was on the QE2 somewhere, and he continued to drive south and was made aware something was wrong.”

Rabel said the diesel fuel was leaking onto the roadway and into the ditch. Crews shut down the roadway and tried to deal with the leak by applying a temporary patch to the hole in the fuel tank.

“The firefighters initially tried to slow or stop the leak using some adhesives but, unfortunately, that didn’t do it fully so they used absorbent material to try to contain the spill until a tow truck could be brought in,” he said.

According to Rabel, staff from Alberta Environment was on scene as well, helping to clean up and assess any environmental impact.

“They’re going to work to dig and dump the contaminated soil at a later date,” he said. “They’re comfortable and confident it’s not making its way into the water or anything.”


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