Airdrie author releases second book


Following the success of her first book, Airdrie author Kim Wuirch is celebrating the release of her second book. Awakened Empath picks up where Waking Up An Empath leaves off, offering a continuation of Wuirch’s journey through spirituality.

“I never grew up being spiritual or religious or anything – I was an atheist, so it was quite a shock when I discovered I was an empath,” she said. “I had no idea at the time what that meant, and the first book is all about my awakening experience with my spirituality.”

An empath, according to Wuirch, is someone who reads the energy of others. Often, she said, empaths can absorb this energy and actually feel emotions or physical pain that aren’t their own feelings. As a healer, Wuirch said she works with other empaths to help them manage or cope with this ability.

“A lot of empaths are totally depressed and they don’t even know why,” she said. “Once I acknowledged I was an empath, it seemed to set off a whole set of craziness in my life – involving dead people showing up to talk to me and triggering all these other people showing up to help me.”

As she began exploring her spirituality, Wuirch said everything immediately fell into place. Within a year, she had started her own business and was creating new concepts to teach to other empaths. With her partner Ken Lewicki, she has expanded her knowledge to the point where she felt she needed to write another book.

“We really started getting into some advanced stuff, which seemed to contradict a lot of what we’d been taught and told or what we saw in other books or websites,” she said. “My partner is a channeler, so the two of us actually work with archangels for the most part. We also work with basically non-physical beings.”

While Wuirch admitted spiritual healing can sound “pretty crazy” to some, she has seen very positive results. She is also building a substantial following, she said, and more and more people are attending her workshops.

“I think a lot of people who are into this feel very isolated and alone without a community of people to talk about this stuff,” she said. “But since we’ve made a community available, it’s amazing how many people come from all around because there’s nothing else like this.”

Still, Wuirch said her books are not meant to encourage people to explore spirituality if they’re not already interested. Instead, she said, her books are written for those who are already “spiritually aware.”

“Those who have been hearing voices in their heads their whole life, seeing ghosts or who resonate with alternative methods of healing,” she said, “they’re already in that place, looking for help and support and other people like them. It’s not my job to tell other people they should awaken – that’s their choice.”

The community responded strongly to Wuirch’s first book, she said, and many are already asking for a third. She said she does plan to write another book eventually.

“I won’t rush something that isn’t meant to be,” she said, “but I know that when the time is right, it will come.”


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