Annual Granny Spiel sees growth in year three


For the third year in a row, some of Airdrie’s more experienced curlers will be dusting off their brooms and hitting the ice for the annual Granny Spiel, Nov. 18.

Ladies between the ages of 40 and 80 years old will hop on the ice, chuck some rocks, sweep and hurry hard for a fun-filled day at the Airdrie Curling Club.

“We do have a lot of curlers that are getting older…sometimes people don’t want to commit to a regular curling team all winter long, but they still want to come out and catch up with their old friends,” event volunteer Lise Vanderstoel said. “Nowadays, people try to stay as active as they can – why not curling?”

Although the one-day event is already full, co-ordinators of the event and the Airdrie Curling Club are looking to see how much bigger it can become in future years.

In its three years, the Granny Spiel has grown from a few teams hitting the ice, to 16 teams. Vanderstoel said some teams had to be turned away this year.

She added, co-ordinators are interested in expanding the event and asks curlers interested in taking part in the future to reach out to the club on Facebook.

The bonspiel aims to have an even number of teams in future years, but according to Vanderstoel the co-ordinators don’t see that being a problem moving forward.

She said the event can be expanded to run longer, but for the foreseeable future the bonspiel will remain a one-day event.

“I think that is what the grannies like, the one-day thing and then they can go to bed early,” Vanderstoel said.

Despite the event being full, curling fans are still welcome to come cheer on the competitors as the event is open to the public.

The bonspiel kicks off at 9 a.m. at the Airdrie Curling Club and is expected to come to an end around 4 p.m.

“Come and have some fun at the Granny Spiel. That’s what it’s all about,” Vanderstoel said. “It is really just a fun day.”


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