Appalled by Morneau, PM


RE: “Appalling behaviour,” letter, Dec. 7.

Dear Editor,

I too am appalled at the recent events that took place in Parliament in November 2017.

During several sessions in our Parliament’s question period, some members of the opposition Conservative Party of Canada attempted to elicit answers to straightforward questions put to our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to our Finance Minister Bill Morneau about Morneau’s financial business operations, and his actions as Finance Minister, which appear to benefit both himself and his family’s business.

The only answers given were non-answers in the form of prepared statements, which had absolutely nothing to do with the questions asked of them. Meanwhile, Geoff Regan, the Speaker of the House who has the duty to keep order in the house but who also has the authority to demand answers to questions posed, did nothing and allowed the obfuscation and deflection to continue and the questions to remain unanswered. Instead, he ejected our MP Blake Richards.

These were the appalling actions in Parliament that set a “poor example to youth in our communities, etcetera,” and not anything Richards did.

Finally, these appalling actions by Trudeau, Morneau and Regan occurred in the Federal Parliament, and not in the Alberta Legislature.

Calling on Jason Kenney and the UCP to “admonish, disavow and/or discipline” Richards is incorrect as Kenney and the UCP have nothing to do with Richards and his role in Parliament.

David Flather



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