Athlete lead by example


With eight years experience in Special Olympics Airdrie, Katie Foreman is February’s Special Olympian of the Month.

Although she competes in a multitude of sports, the 24-year-old has been recognized for her efforts on the bowling lanes, where she is not only an athlete, but a volunteer.

“(The recognition) is pretty nice,” Foreman said. “I’m usually more of a learner than a leader, but sometimes I need to take the leadership role.”

During her time with Special Olympics Airdrie, Foreman has competed in bowling, softball, floor hockey, swimming, soccer and bocce.

During her time in soccer, Forman transitioned from a player to a volunteer coach, saying she felt out of place playing with younger athletes and enjoyed volunteering more.

“I like (volunteering) if the kids listen,” she said.

Foreman said she enjoys bowling because she doesn’t find it as stressful as other sports.

“It’s only if you can’t get the ball down the middle, that’s the most stressful part,” Foreman said.

“Sometimes I need to take a deep breath or let my frustrations out a little. Not to other bowlers, but sometimes to my mom, who is the head coach.”

Foreman has posted an average in the 140s, which is the highest among girls on the team and second in Special Olympics Airdrie behind AJ Tarnowski.

Although she is behind Tarnowski, Foreman said she doesn’t like letting it become a competition between the two of them.

“I just focus on myself more than other people,” Foreman said. “If I find myself doing competition with other people, then my average would start drifting downhill.”

With her experience, Foreman said she encourages athletes to try a new sport.

“Try not to be too discouraged and try to do your best,” Foreman said. “They can get better each year.”


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