Bag limit in place for a reason


After all of the controversy sparked from the City of Airdrie proposing the use of clear garbage bags and a limit of one bag of garbage per week, the city decided not to implement the clear bags but would allow for some residents to apply for a care and compassion exemption to the one bag limit.

The exemption is for Airdrie residents with two or more children under the age of four or residents with a medical condition. The application form went live April 24 and saw 80 applications in the first 48 hours of being online (see story on page 1).

Not all of those applications have been granted, though. As of May 8, the city granted 16 medical exemptions and 109 diaper exemptions. The cost of these exemptions is being passed on to all homeowners in Airdrie.

Susan Grimm, team leader of waste and recycling services with the city, said the city will be strictly enforcing the one bag limit beginning June 5. We are glad the city will be enforcing this limit (which is in place for good reason) and we are glad the city isn’t granting exemption applications to every person who feels one bag isn’t enough. Change has to start somewhere.


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