Belyk seeking second term on city council


Darrell Belyk announced July 30 he will seek a second term on Airdrie city council in the October municipal election.

“I think that four years might seem like a long time but it really isn’t. You can’t see a lot of things through with just one term – that’s why I’m going for a second term, just to see things continue and evolve from where they were in 2013,” he said.

Belyk becomes the first of the incumbent councillors to announce he will seek re-election. Deputy Mayor Fred Burley announced a run for mayor in April.

Belyk said if elected he would continue to push for improved healthcare in Airdrie as well as work with the community on developing a plan to build a westside recreation centre, including a larger 50-metre competitive pool.

“I’d like to be a part of that because I think that a lot of people would like to see it but they don’t know what that would look like. Much like the place in Calgary where they have the attraction for national and international meets, as well as a deeper dive tank, I’d like to see something like that in Airdrie where we can showcase what Airdrie’s all about,” he said.

“There’s not a lot of those – if you’d like to call it – Olympic-style pools around and there’s a couple of swim associations that need that space to train and attract those people.”

Belyk said he feels his greatest accomplishment on council during his first term was helping to lobby for more RCMP officers as a member of the Municipal Policing Advisory Board (MPAB).

“Everyone is saying, ‘there’s too many police around here right now.’ Well, that’s a good thing right now because what we see with the expansion of the Balzac area, with the new mall coming in, there’s going to be a lot more crime…coming into Airdrie,” he said. “I feel we need more boots on the floor, boots on the ground to try to persuade those people from not going past Airdrie or being there because the RCMP are present here.”

Belyk said the MPAB was able to speak to the provincial Justice Minister and get support from Banff-Airdrie MP Blake Richards and other influential people to bolster their case for hiring more RCMP officers.

“I think that’s what aided in getting those officers…the backing that we had from Blake and some other people,” he said.

The addition of new pedestrian lights along Yankee Valley Boulevard in the King’s Heights area is another accomplishment of which Belyk said he’s proud.

When asked why people should vote for him, Belyk said he felt he’d gained the trust of people during his first term.

“People tend to like me. People say, ‘one of the good guys, he listens to people,’ and ‘he listens to people rather than just going and doing what council wants,’” he said. “People have come forward and volunteered their time to help with my campaign as well.

“The four years has been great, both for myself and for the residents. I hope I’ve earned their trust enough to go for another term.”

More information about Belyk’s platform as well as ways to get in touch with him can be found on his website,


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