Big impact throughout my life


I vividly remember the first issue of the Airdrie City View arriving at our house. It was March of 2002, and I was in sixth grade. The front page featured the paper’s logo on a blue field, and a large photo of luger Eric Pothier, smiling wide and displaying an array of medals laid out on a checkered tablecloth.

This was the same year Pothier and Chris Moffat finished fifth at the Salt Lake City Olympics. Pothier’s mother had taught at my elementary school, and I’d set aside time to watch the luge competition and cheer on a homegrown athlete.

Now here he was, smiling back at me from the front of a new newspaper. I devoured the issue, and when the next issue arrived the following week, I devoured it as well, and the next one after that. I read the Airdrie City View religiously.

The addition of a second newspaper felt like a kind of graduation. The Airdrie City View symbolized growth. My hometown was no longer a small town, but suddenly felt large and important. Airdrie had, in fact, been incorporated as a city five years before I was born, but it still felt relatively small throughout my childhood.

A second newspaper, with a smiling Olympian on the cover, represented a promise.

Fast-forward 18 years, almost exactly. Airdrie has grown exponentially. The first home I lived in, once on the very edge of town, now sits firmly in the middle while the home I currently live in is built on what once was open land. The elementary school building I attended has long been torn down, a new upgraded facility built in its place. As I write this, the Pyeongchang Olympics are finishing up, featuring another Airdrie athlete.

And my words are appearing in print in the newspaper that symbolized Airdrie’s growth.

Having worked in Airdrie media since the fall of 2016, I’m not a stranger. You might be familiar with my writing, but you are probably more familiar with the sound of my voice on the radio. I’ve covered crime, council, elections, school board meetings, tragedies and community celebrations. I’m excited to continue that work.

I love Airdrie. I think it is a great place to live and a great place to work. I have fond memories of growing up in this community, and every day, I’m reminded there are unique stories happening because of the incredible people that call Airdrie home. I’m excited to tell Airdrie’s stories with this newspaper.


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