Bowen running for RVS Board of Trustees


A new candidate has decided to put her name forward for one of three available spots on the Rocky View Schools (RVS) Board of Trustees for Airdrie.

“I’ve been the chair of the school council at my boys’ school (for the last four years) so I’ve really had a lot of opportunity to speak with other parents like myself and get to know some of their concerns or things they’d like to see happening in our educational system,” Melyssa Bowen said. “I feel like that would be really valuable to bring to our school board.”

Bowen said she believes the growth the city has been experiencing over the last number of years is one of the biggest challenges for RVS.

“(Growth means determining) how to accommodate our new students and how to make sure we’re giving that quality education and that (it)works the best way it can with building new schools and putting on portables where need be,” she said.

“I know in the last few years our report cards have changed quite a bit so walking parents through that and giving them some communication about those sorts of issues as they come is really important.”

Traffic safety in and around Airdrie schools is also something Bowen said she’d like to help work on if elected. She’d also commit to keeping the lines of communication open between parents, school administration and the school board.

Bowen said she’s seen the work the current trustees – Todd Brand and Sylvia Eggerer – do to connect with the school councils in Airdrie.

“I have a chance regularly at our school council meetings (to speak with the trustees),” she said. “I’ve also had a chance to attend our joint council meetings that happen twice a year…over the past four years.”

Bowen said attending the joint school council meetings has allowed her to learn what issues other schools within Airdrie are facing.

The ability to bring her experiences to the Board of Trustees is something Bowen said she believes makes her a good candidate for the role. She will also bring knowledge she gained in a previous career.

“(Prior) to being a stay-at-home parent and volunteering in my sons’ schools, I did work in early childhood education,” she said. “The environment in which children learn and grow is something that has always been really valuable to me. Everything I’ve learned in my early childhood education in the past will be something that will help me as well.”

Bowen can be contacted through her website at, by phone at 403-835-6089 or email at


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