Camp responsibly


With spring and warmer weather comes camping season, which gives us a chance to get outdoors and escape our busy lives to spend valuable time with friends and family.

Victoria Day weekend – otherwise known as May long weekend (which falls on May 20 to 22 this year) – usually marks the first weekend of the year where people venture out for some campfires, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows.

But with camping comes responsibilities. Whether you’re having a few alcoholic drinks around a campfire, ATVing or cooking food that might invite wildlife into the area, it’s important to remember to be cautious of potential risks, like falling into the fire, having a collision or wildlife encounter.

We also want to remind people to keep alcohol consumption at their campsites and not behind the wheel of their ATVs or vehicles. RCMP officers usually step up enforcement and conduct checkstops across the province to target impaired drivers during the long weekend, so be cautious of that.

With the daily stresses many people are facing in today’s economy, it’s important to kick back and relax, enjoy the long weekend and other future camping trips with the people you love, but keeping safety in mind is just as important.


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