Candice Kolson running for second term


Candice Kolson is the latest incumbent city councillor to announce she’ll seek re-election Oct. 16.

“I think that although four years seems like a long time, once you’re actually doing the work on council, it’s really not that long,” she said. “There are lots of different initiatives that I would like to get behind and see through.”

Kolson was elected to council in 2013. She currently serves on the Municipal Policing Advisory Board, Airdrie Public Library Board of Directors, Inter-municipal Committee, is vice chair of the Subdivision Development Appeal Board and has also served on the Calgary Regional Partnership’s Economic Development and Transportation Committees.

“I think Airdrie’s quick growth is always a challenge because there are always more services we need to bring online. Our population is growing quicker than our ability to put in the services our residents are demanding,” she said while commenting on the number 1 issue facing the city.

Kolson said she doesn’t believe municipal politicians should have a strict platform.

“I think that well-managed growth and looking at all services that are necessary for the city is important, so my platform is basically, these are the issues facing us now, how can we deal with all of them?” she said. “I think that we need to encompass the needs of the city as a whole and work down to ‘OK, what do we need first?’”

The owner of the Airdrie Farmers’ Market for eight years, Kolson also said she brings business acumen to council. She said she tries to always consider what’s best for the community as a whole when making decisions on council.

“For the past four years, I have tried to do my best in making decisions in an unbiased way. I’ve tried my best to bring more awareness of inclusivity to the city and make my decisions based on a non-biased, all encompassing belief that every resident in our city matters.”


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