Carrying on Beaty’s legacy


Often when people pass away, family and friends gather and grieve together. Stories about that person are shared, tears are shed and you can often hear laughter at memorial services while people talk about funny memories they made with that person.

But after two or so weeks following the passing of that person, people often go back to their day-to-day lives, whether that’s down the street, a two hour drive away or a five hour flight. And the person who passed away becomes a memory.

But when family and friends do something to honour their memory – like creating a memorial scholarship – it keeps their memory alive.

When we heard there was a memorial scholarship created in Anne Beaty’s memory, we thought that was a great idea.

The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to one local student annually. The scholarship is open to Airdrie area and Rocky View County high school students and graduates pursuing post-secondary education in communications.

Beaty worked for the Airdrie Public Library and a number of local media outlets, so she had a passion for communications.

We think this is a wonderful way to keep an important community member’s legacy alive.


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