City council approves zoning changes


The new southwest community of Midtown will have the first front park-facing, semi-detached homes in Airdrie, after City council approved a re-zoning request during its Dec. 18 regular meeting.

City of Airdrie Senior Planner Robyn Rechenmacher brought the request forward on behalf of the applicant Stantec. The land is owned by North Lumina Developments JV Inc. The re-zoning involved three parcels of land within the Midtown area.

“The intent…is to slightly reduce the amount of townhouse product in the area and to provide alternative residential product in the northeast corner of the Midtown neighbourhood,” Rechenmacher said. “The park front, semi-detached product has yet to be seen in Airdrie and would offer a new and unique potential product type for buyers to chose from.”

The approved re-zoning decreases the number of residential units within the three parcels of land by 15, according to Rechenmacher.

A public hearing was held during the Dec. 18 council meeting with a representative from Stantec speaking in favour of the proposal and no one speaking against it.

Council unanimously gave three readings to the bylaw making the required changes to the Land Use Map of Land Use Bylaw B-01/2016, which includes the three parcels of land in question.

Council heard information regarding proposed changes to a bylaw to amend the Airdrie City Plan. Senior Planner Gail Gibeau outlined the changes that would be made to better align the Airdrie City Plan with the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP).

“What has happened is, with the adoption of the SSRP, all municipalities within the planning area must show compliance by Aug. 31, 2018,” she said. “We’re making steps to do that. We have six changes to the City Plan – most of them are minor in nature. The main change is the inclusion of a table that will show our alignment with the SSRP.”

The changes are primarily to wording and document structure but not to the intent of the City Plan, according to Gibeau.

The SSRP is the second regional plan to be approved in the province, the other being the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan. The Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) adopted by the provincial government in 2009, outlines the eventual approval of seven regional plans. The SSRP includes lands west to the British Columbia border, east to the Saskatchewan border, south to the Canada-U.S. border and north to the Red Deer Regional Planning Area.

The SSRP includes outcomes in eight key areas: economy, air, biodiversity, water, efficient use of land, outdoor recreation and historic resources, Aboriginal peoples and community development.

A public hearing was held during the Dec. 18 council meeting, however, no one came forward to speak for or against the proposed amendments and council unanimously gave three readings to the bylaw.


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