City seeks input from Airdrie youth


The City of Airdrie is hoping to hear from the youth living and working in the community. Two surveys have been launched aimed at Airdrie’s young people, ages 12 to 24, in hopes of building a comprehensive strategy to engage youth.

“It’s really about gathering more detailed information from youth around what they think about the community,” said Clay Aragon, team leader of community development and social planning for the City.

The first survey is for youth living in Airdrie and the second is for youth who used to live in Airdrie. Both will ask questions pertaining to what services are being used most frequently in the community, public transit, employment opportunities and possible improvements in order to understand youth needs.

“Once we gather all the information and we know the more specific detailed needs of youth (we will) put that together into a strategy,” Aragon said.

The strategy will be used to help keep the needs of youth in mind when making transit, programming and other public decisions.

“The strategy will have high-level goals that will set us up as a city to really provide some directional thesis around how we engage youth in the future and some really concrete action,” Aragon said.

According to statistics provided by the City of Airdrie, 19 per cent of residents are between of ages 12 and 25, with more than 8,190 youths living in the city.

“It’s a very young community and, I mean, youth are our future, right?” Aragon said. “So it’s really taking into consideration their voices, their thoughts, their opinions, their words of how we shape the future.”

Aragon said he hopes the surveys can ensure Airdrie’s youth can become a part of the conversation for the future of their city.

Youth have until Nov. 18 to complete the surveys, which can be found at


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