Conduct in question


There’s a theme running through this week’s Airdrie City View and it has a lot to do with appropriate conduct.

Appropriate conduct means some of Airdrie’s businesses and organizations have been voted the Best of Airdrie by citizens.

Inappropriate conduct means a member of the public felt compelled to come forward at the Sept. 18 city council meeting and asked it to do something about offensive postings Coun. Allan Hunter has made repeatedly to social media going back a number of years.

Inappropriate conduct also means Hunter felt he didn’t need to listen to someone he is elected to serve question those posts — Hunter got up and left the council chambers when the resident spoke during public question period.

How you feel about Hunter is entirely your own business; however, the disrespect he showed to a resident by essentially thumbing his nose and walking out is, in our opinion, inexcusable.

Do we expect a lot of our elected officials? Yes, yes we do. We expect them to do what is best for the community and not themselves. We expect them to respect the majority vote of council. And we expect them to respect this city’s citizens.

Council has now – finally – approved a Code of Conduct for councillors. It might be a little too late for this particular councillor, unfortunately.


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