Dash Raffle winner preparing for shopping spree


Airdrie resident Cindy Quintero is the very first winner of the Airdrie Kiwanis Club of Airdrie Foothills Dash Raffle, and will be heading to the Main Street Save-On-Foods early in the morning Nov. 4 for a hectic seven-minute shopping spree.

“This is one of the ways we raise funds to support our Christmas project,” said Dirk Bannister, secretary with the Airdrie club. “It’s our first time doing this fundraiser, where we sold $5 tickets at Save-On-Foods over the summer months.”

Quintero will have seven minutes to browse at Save-On-Foods, filling her cart as she goes. Whatever Quintero manages to get into her cart during that time will be hers to take home, free of charge.

“I’ve never won anything like this before, so it’s very exciting,” Quintero said. “I only bought one ticket, but it only takes one ticket to win.”

Quintero picked up her ticket during a routine grocery stop at Save-On-Foods, when she was stopped by Kiwanis Club members and told about the raffle.

She said she generally tries to support fundraisers that help children, and when she happened to have $5 in her wallet, she purchased a raffle ticket.

“Typically, I don’t have any cash with me,” Quintero said, “so it really feels like it was meant to be.”

Kiwanis Club members sold tickets throughout the summer, Bannister said, raising a total of nearly $3,700 to support the group’s annual Christmas project. For the past four years, the Airdrie Kiwanis Club has purchased Christmas gifts for more than 100 underprivileged kids – and provided them with teddy bears donated from the Calgary Hitmen’s Teddy Bear Toss.

“Getting presents for 150 kids costs a lot of money, so we need to raise funds to help pay for it,” Bannister said.

“We felt really good about the money we raised – $5 is a lot of money for a lot of people right now, with the economy the way it is, so we’re very thankful to everyone who bought a ticket.”

Next year, Bannister said, the club will start ticket sales a little earlier – giving residents who were too busy over the summer more of an opportunity to participate in the contest. Quintero said she will definitely be buying a ticket again next year, but is still gearing up for her upcoming grocery run.

With Christmas coming up, she said she is planning to focus her shopping to the baking aisle – but with her family and friends all providing their own input, she’s trying to balance everyone’s requests.

“Seven minutes isn’t really a lot of time,” she said. “But when I get really nervous, I remind myself that it really doesn’t matter – I’m already a winner. In the long run, if I put one item in my cart or 20 items in my cart, it was only $5. It’s all a win.”


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