Farewell to a great experience


I never used to believe the saying: “you’ll never work a day in your life if you enjoy your job.”

Throughout my life, I’ve always tried to appreciate the task at hand, but couldn’t shake the urge to go home and melt into my couch.

However, my time spent at Rocky View Publishing has changed my mind. While I still enjoy going home to my lovely couch, I’ve never looked at the clock during the day, hoping to make time go faster with the intensity and sheer will of my glare.

There are many aspects of the job I fell head over heels for, including my love for writing, talking to interesting people, my hilarious coworkers and having something to do with every second of my time.

I’m coming out of the experience as a different person, confident in my abilities and excited for the next chapter of my journalistic career.

Each week featured multiple stories with moving parts and daunting deadlines, but I rarely felt stressed out like I thought I would initially.

My editor and fellow reporters provided me with mentorship and helped me sharpen my skills every single day, from the moment I stepped into the office April 24.

From writing to laying out the paper, I’ve improved every aspect of my skillset, but I’m still excited to learn more in the future.

Working on the fall edition of the Airdrie House and Home magazine was one highlight on a long list from my time at Rocky View Publishing.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave the magazine my all. Seeing the final product with my name as the sole writer sent me down a waterslide of euphoria.

Learning about new initiatives and dedicated community members in Airdrie and Rocky View County also filled with me with similar inspiration.

All of these factors reinforce the fact I couldn’t have picked a better publication to complete my internship.

As I return to Mount Royal University this fall for my fourth year, I will take on the editor-in-chief role of the journalism program newspaper along with another student.

I’m excited to help younger students pursue their passion and potential in the same way my colleagues at Rocky View Publishing assisted me.

I hate saying goodbye, so it’s a good thing my experiences with the people of Airdrie and Rocky View County will stick with me for a very long time.


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