Food Bank clients to benefit from free dental work


The Blunston Dental Group has a commitment to giving back to the community and will be doing just that April 6 when it hosts the Give Back Smile Back event.

“As part of Blunston Dental’s overall community support initiatives we saw Give Back Smile Back as a great way to contribute to Airdrie using our training and skills for betterment and not just a usual monetary donation,” said Dr. Thayne Blunston.

This is the second year the dental practice has taken part in Give Back Smile Back, which is a national charity initiative. Dental practices across the country give back to their communities during National Oral Health Month by providing those in need with free dental check-ups and cleanings.

This year, clients of the Airdrie Food Bank are the beneficiaries; something Executive Director Lori McRitchie said is gratefully appreciated in these tough economic times.

“Dental care is so expensive. If you’ve hit a wall and you can’t afford to buy food, you certainly can’t afford to do that preventative or regular dental work,” she said. “To have somebody actually do checkups and cleanings and initial cavity work is amazing. It’s going to have an huge impact on our clients.”

According to Blunston, one dentist, two hygienists and four team members will be participating in Give Back Smile Back. The dental team is planning to see approximately 25 clients throughout the day who will be pre-selected to take part.

“The process of selection usually begins by our office selecting a local charity to work with. Then that charity will screen its clients for people in genuine need of immediate dental care who may not be able to currently afford it for a multitude of reasons,” he said.

“Those names are then forwarded to our office. We do a prioritization of those patients on greatest need and will perform the agreed upon procedures during our campaign day.”

Each client will also receive an oral-care kit supplied by Crest-Oral B.

For Blunston, helping the clients of the Airdrie Food Bank with their dental care is just another way his business can support its community.


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