Freedom of the press


City of Airdrie Coun. Allan Hunter wrote a letter to the editor in response to our editorial printed in the Sept. 21 edition of the Airdrie City View.

In his letter, he talks about no one from the newsroom contacting him or “fact checking” before writing a collective opinion piece regarding an action he took, which one of our reporters physically witnessed, at a recent public meeting.

Hunter has been swimming in public controversy since recently posting a Nazi symbol on his Twitter feed. We have been reporting fairly on the topic, printing the opinions of both residents and Hunter, but when Hunter decided to make a public apology about the post, we never received an invite.

In fact, we didn’t find out about it until we saw an article online from another local media outlet.

In Hunter’s letter, he complains about not receiving a phone call before we expressed an opinion about something he, a public figure, did, in public – yet, he didn’t invite us to his public apology about something we’ve been covering.

Whatever happened to freedom of the press? It seems Hunter is choosing favourites.


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