From one chapter to the next


After nearly two years of wedding planning, my fiancé and I finally tied the knot in Calgary Sept. 2.

I shouldn’t say finally, though, because the time between getting engaged and saying ‘I do’ went by quickly for us.

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the plus 30s, which was a huge relief because the forecast had been calling for rain at one point and it was an outdoor ceremony with a not-so-great indoor option.

It is true what everyone told us – it was the fastest day of our lives. From the moment I woke up that morning to the moment I closed my eyes that night, it was go, go, go – from getting to the venue to set up the reception hall, getting hair and makeup done and photos with the photographer prior to walking down the aisle. I hardly had time to eat half a bagel before dinner and practically felt like I was being shoved down the aisle because we were running 15 minutes late.

But it was also the best day of our lives. And one we will never forget. We’ve got hundreds of photos to cherish for the rest of our lives and will relive the memories through our family and friends for years to come.

Of course there were a few hiccups throughout the day, like tripping on my dress (including the walk up the aisle), the ring bearer dropping the ring box in the middle of the ceremony, nine no-shows at dinner (even though we already paid for their meals) and the groom having a few too many drinks and trying to sober up in the bathroom for an hour while guests waited for the cake cutting and first dances to begin.

I could hardly wait to throw that bouquet and wrap everything up on the schedule so I could dance and relax a little. But those two hours between the bouquet toss and the limo’s arrival probably went by the fastest.

And much to the groom’s dismay, the very tired (and perhaps a few glasses of wine deep) bride passed out in the limo and missed out on a fancy, expensive ride home with a bottle of champagne.

But even with the hiccups we did have, it was still the best day of our lives and it may sound cheesy, but it truly felt like a fairytale.

We were lucky enough to catch a plane to Los Cabos bright and early the next morning and spend a week sipping margaritas by the ocean and catching up on sleep.

Now it’s back to reality, beginning a new chapter and figuring out how to change my last name.


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