Gas leak poses threat to Nose Creek


The release of between 70 and 100 litres of gasoline from a vehicle into the storm sewer system in Bayside Aug. 10 posed only a minor threat to Nose Creek, thanks to the quick response from the Airdrie Fire Department (AFD).

“This morning at around 10:30, a customer complained of the smell of gasoline in their basement, so our teams arrived and investigated further. They determined it came from a vehicle that had its gas tank breached,” Deputy Fire Chief Garth Rabel said. “The gas had escaped (onto the roadway) and made its way into the storm sewer system.

“Through our infrastructure, it’s threatening our natural waterway, so we’re taking all those diligent precautions to make sure it doesn’t worsen. Crews started mitigation: determining where it came from, what the product was and then isolating it.”

According to Rabel, how the gasoline came to be released from the vehicle is still under investigation. A contractor, which assists the AFD on hazardous material calls, was also brought on scene.

The leak occurred near the intersection of Bay Water Cape and Bayside Boulevard.

Rabel said firefighters covered the gasoline with an organic product and placed containment booms intended to halt its spread.

“It will sit on the water for up to a week. What that’s going to do is, anything that does come up will start to be absorbed,” he said. “Our public works team will monitor this boom over the next week and if they see something they don’t like then we’ll contact our enviro team and they’ll come help us some more. We feel that once we’re done, the mitigation will be appropriate.”

According to Rabel, a biologist from the city was on scene monitoring the situation and ensuring there was no threat to the environment bordering the waterway. There was no threat to residents and no homes needed to be evacuated.

“Everything is fine – the fish are fine. We just want to make sure that we get whatever goes in there out of there,” he said. “We’re not experiencing any real issues. There’s a lot of people involved and it can be upsetting for residents so we just want to make sure people know everything is under control.

“We want people to be careful that they don’t allow anything to inadvertently come into the waterways because it can turn into this type of a situation.”


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