Good news versus bad news


Nobody likes to hear about bad news. As reporters, we hear that all the time. ‘Why don’t you write good news instead of bad news?’ Trust us, we don’t like hearing about or reporting on bad news either. But news is news. People want to know if everybody involved in a collision is OK, and people want to know why someone decided to coldheartedly murder a child.

But for many reporters, the best stories to write are the feel-good community stories. The ones that make you say ‘aw’ over and over during an interview and walk out of the interview feeling good about life. Not the ones that keep you up at night.

We got to report on one of those feel-good stories this week. Stephen’s Backpacks Society is partnering with two local restaurants – Original Joe’s and State & Main Kitchen & Bar – to collect school supplies and stuff backpacks full of them for children in need this school year (see story on page 12).

We are a fortunate community to have these kind of people conducting these kind of initiatives.

And, as most people know, Nancy McPhee of the Stephen’s Backpack Society recently lost her husband Jim to cancer, but that obviously hasn’t stopped her from carrying on the society’s traditions and helping others in need.

How’s that for good news?


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