Government should stop punishing us for being human


Dear Editor,

As I sit here writing this letter with -22C degree weather outside, I am aware that in 26 days I will be taxed for being human. Because being warm, when witnessed by our government, is a sin.

Taxing us is not the answer. Giving us alternative cost-effective choices is. This is not Florida. It gets cold here, so why are we being taxed for the status quo; for example, natural gas to heat our homes.

The house I am renting didn’t come with a solar heat/power system or geothermal system. Reducing my heat only prompts gas companies to protect their bottom lines. So you will be taxed and be paying higher prices too. Nice double whammy for your New Year.

The Notley government is going to shut down coal burning electrical plants. Remember the Enron scandal? Purposely cutting electricity for profit. The mid-income and poor Californians suffered horribly due to high costs. When does it end? When we have to choose between food or heat?

Changing our bulbs from incandescent to $10 LEDs had the effect of removing 350 BTUs of heat for each 100 watt bulb. So reducing your electricity bill increased your gas bill. Electrical companies do not reduce their capacity, they sell what you didn’t use to others. So how did that save the environment?

Ethanol, a renewable resource, is not available to us Canadians. (Although five per cent is mandated in your gasoline) It’s half the price of gasoline and saves the environment from less emissions. Why is it not available to us Canadians at the pump?

It will be a great day when our governments stop punishing us for the status quo and start initiating us into renewable, cost-effective and environmental saving energies.

Kevin Tennant,



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