Hard or soft sell?


It’s officially municipal election season and campaigning is ramping up. Campaign signs have begun to appear around the city and some candidates have started going door-to-door.

We’ve been interviewing candidates and publishing their answers to our questions regarding their platforms and experience. Some come with oodles of political experience and some are complete newbies. Getting their message out can be a challenge.

Which made us wonder how successful each kind of approach is; does the soft sell collect more votes or is the hard sell a better approach?

We believe that no number of campaign signs on the roadways and lawns in Airdrie is going to impact how an individual ultimately votes. It might get a candidate’s name out there but that’s about all. After a while, all that signage just becomes a blur, never mind the environmental impact.

At the same time, we hope that people will read the candidate profiles that we run in the paper, go out to the political forums and ask questions and contact the candidates directly before choosing how to vote. Learn what they really stand for, what interests they profess to support and whether or not they’ll have your best interests and those of the city at heart if elected.

Find out if they’ve done their research and know what they’re getting into. Most importantly, plan to vote Oct. 16. During the last election, the turnout was dismal and we owe it to the city and to its residents to do better this time around.


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