Ignorance breeds impatience


Dear Editor,

I recently was on my way to a breakfast establishment to meet my son, his wife and grandson for a meal. As the weather was quite slippery, driving was slower and I made my adjustments accordingly.

Heading up Main Street towards Walmart, I noticed a 2012 or newer Black Ford Focus started to follow me within a few feet of my rear bumper. I made the right turn with my signal on just before Walmart and proceeded. The driver in the Focus pulled out and passed me on the short laneway heading to my destination. He was actually dropping his partner off at London Drugs.

My complaint is this ignorant person could have caused a serious collision if some unsuspecting driver was making the turn to head out to Main Street. In past, I would have followed this ignorant and impatient person and gave him a few choice words of elderly wisdom, however, my meeting was more important than a confrontation with this person, who had to be to his destination just a few seconds earlier. His partner had to wait outside London Drugs for three to five minutes in the cold anyway.

I am not wishing this person any harm, but karma is sometimes a B—- and will eventually catch up to him and I hope I am there to help them and point out that ignorance of their impatience. This was very upsetting to myself and I just hope that driver reads this.

Weather is bad enough without making it worse with very bad habits. Is Airdrie where I want to live any longer?

Bill Rousseau



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