Improvised classic


Airdrie is getting it’s dose of improv this Christmas season with the city’s newest improv company. The Airheads will present its first official act, A Xmas Carol: An Improvised Classic Dec. 14.

“We all know A Christmas Carol, I mean everyone’s done it – The Muppets have done it,” said Kim Cheel, founder of The Airheads. “So why not choose that to debut a new improv team, to have something familiar for people but also presented in a completely different way.”

Cheel said, although the group has “rehearsals,” the show will be completely unscripted.

“We can have rehearsals, but they’re just times where we play and get comfortable with each other and the storyline,” she said. “But we don’t know what’s going to happen until the night of.”

Cheel said even if Christmas time isn’t your cup of tea, the improv show is a fun and festive night everyone can get behind.

“Sometimes the holidays are difficult for whatever reason, but this is just a fun way to celebrate Christmas in a non-traditional way,” she said, “in a way you may not be expecting.”

Cheel knows The Airheads aren’t the first to present their take on A Christmas Carol but she’s encouraging Airdronians to try something new.

“Like Monty Python says – and now for something completely different,” she said.

Cheel didn’t want to name names on The Airheads but said all the improvisers are local and extremely talented. She hopes improvisation shows become more popular in Airdrie.

“I have these goals for The Airheads to just bring improvisation as a regular event in Airdrie,” she said. “Just another thing that people can count on to happen in Airdrie.”

Admission is $10 and tickets are limited so those interested are advised to get theirs early through The Airheads Facebook page. Showtime is 7 p.m. at the Nose Creek Valley Museum.


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