In support of carbon tax legislation for many reasons


I support the carbon tax for both the common good and our own self-reliance.

The common good is to face the reality of a changing climate, which the majority of scientists conclude is the result of our overuse of carbon energy.

And, if for no other reason, to accept the fact that severe weather events – a direct result of climate change – have caused worldwide insurance costs to soar. My own personal experience can attest to this. A lightning voltage surge and then a hail storm in Airdrie, plus Calgary’s flood and Chestermere’s rain-flooding events, all separate occurrences within the last five years, have resulted in my house insurance costs more than doubling.

Our self-reliance is to acknowledge we have dragged our feet when it comes to using wind and solar resources to grow and diversify our economy.

Chris Turner (a Calgary-based author) points out in his 2011 book The Leap: How To Survive and Thrive in the Sustainable Economy, that we are far behind the economies of Europe and Asia in using clean technologies to not only build sustainable communities but also to benefit from the multi-million dollar business opportunities.

And finally, if we are to receive the government’s social licence to build new pipelines, we must show the rest of the country – which takes on the safety and environmental risks of oil transport with little or no direct benefits – we are willing to do our share by embracing the carbon tax and reducing our carbon footprint.

john durbin,



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