Just vote


We get it, we do. Every election cycle it seems like the campaigning goes on forever.

We in the news business scramble to get you information and comments from all the candidates. By the end of the campaign, we too are ready for it all to be over.

But it still stings us when we hear people, even our own friends and family, say they aren’t going to vote. Some say they don’t follow Airdrie’s politics and only pay attention to what’s going on in Calgary’s political landscape. Others say they can’t possibly vote because they just didn’t get enough information on the candidates (if we’re being honest, this one really irks us). Still others say they don’t know where to vote so why bother trying.

If you’re reading this, we hope that means you’ve taken the time to read our election coverage and search out further information you wanted to know more about. For the rest of you, shame on you.

It is your responsibility as voters to do your part to make voting a priority. The information is there and easily accessible through a simple Internet search or phone call. We can’t force-feed you everything you’ll need to know before election day, however much we may want to.

In one last attempt to usher as many voters as we can to the polls on Oct. 16, we implore you to visit airdrie.ca to find your polling station locations and boundaries.


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