Keep it respectful


We’re all for respectful discourse. Debating the merits of a decision is what council is expected to do. Considering the best interests of all residents is what we elected them to do.

But is it OK for a member of council to disrespect the hard work of city staff in a public forum? We don’t think so.

In our opinion, Coun. Allan Hunter’s grilling of city staff over the downtown visioning exercise results at the April 18 meeting (see story on page 2) which he felt were, in his words, “inaccurate,” and “short on detail,” was unwarranted.

Here’s our question: does Hunter believe the city hires stupid people?

Because every time he questions their ability to do their work, it sure seems like he does.

Mayor Peter Brown would seem to agree with us since he cautioned Hunter about “condemning” the work staff did on the visioning exercise during the April 18 council meeting.

Coun. Darrell Belyk also had a number of questions for staff but asked them in a non-confrontational way.

Staff responded to Hunter’s comments and questions in a respectful manner, despite his agressive grilling of them – we’d expect a member of council to behave similarly.

Like Brown, we’d suggest Hunter go back and “watch the tape.”


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