Kindness through artwork


We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness initiatives, and some of us have even been givers or receivers of them, but the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society got creative this summer when it launched Random ARTS of Kindness.

It’s a campaign that connects the community through art, where members of the society leave pieces of art they’ve created at various public places and businesses throughout the city for others to find (see story on page 13).

The society’s educational facilitator, Melissa Bruglemans-Labelle, said the idea sparked from a hiking trip she took with her family at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.

She was having a difficult time keeping her sons on the path when she came across artwork left on a bench with a note that said it was part of a worldwide project to hopefully change the outlook of someone’s day.

She then decided to pay it forward in her own community by creating Random ARTS of Kindness.

We think this is a great initiative. Imagine if everyone paid forward every random act of kindness they received. It would create a ripple effect and the world would certainly be a happier place.


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