Lauer announces she’ll run for mayor


A familiar face to many Airdronians, Marie Lauer, announced May 1 she would run for mayor in the October municipal election.

“I’d really like to be your mayor,” she said during a meet-and-greet at Good Earth Coffeehouse.

Lauer is a long-time volunteer with a number of Airdrie organizations and organized the Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show for a number of years as an employee of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce.

She has experience with the city, working in the social planning department as a community developer for six years after spending time as a volunteer member of the Community Services Advisory Board – then called the Social Planning Board – in the early 2000s.

A 25-year resident of Airdrie, Lauer has volunteered with the Airdrie Food Bank, Airdrie Festival of Lights and the Airdrie Angel program, as well as the Alberta Health Services’ Prairie Mountain Health Advisory Committee, which advocates for health services in consultation with Alberta Health Services.

Lauer is running on a platform of turning Airdrie into a destination for sports, arts and culture events, careful planning, growth management and inclusivity.

“For me it’s all about decision-making and that’s really what was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me in particular, just in terms of how some of the decisions are being made and how some of our municipal leaders are governing themselves,” she said. “For me, governance and leadership are important as well and that really breaks down to decision-making.”

Lauer said she believes engaging the community in the conversation about how Airdrie continues to grow is important.

“We all need to work together and we all know there’s limited funds for everything – nobody wants to have their taxes sky high – so I think it’s really important that we talk to the community about what it is they want to see in their community and what they want the future of it to be. Then we need lay that out and get to work and make it happen.”

More information about Lauer, her platform and how to contact her can be found on her website at


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