Less focus on obedience, more on tolerance


RE: “Parents have the right to know if child joins GSA,” letter, Nov. 23.

Dear Editor,

There are a number of errors and irrationalities in this letter. First, the writer states he supports “the United Conservative Party in its stand parental rights trump LBGTQ rights” but I think he might mean parental rights trump the rights of their children (this is not universally true, law and society put many constraints on how a parent can behave while raising their children).

Further, I think what he’s really arguing is parental right to information versus the schools’ duty to protect the child’s privacy. These are all very different things.

He further states,”I do not agree with homosexuality.” This is akin to saying, “I don’t agree with blue eyes.” It doesn’t matter whether you agree with it or not – it exists regardless, and people are who they are whether their parents agree with it or not.

Later on we get, “children learn to be good citizens by learning to obey their parents first.”

In summary, what I take from the author’s argument is that parents must be informed of their child’s membership in a GSA so that, if they disagree with it, they can simply instruct their (obedient) child to make another choice.

I strongly suspect that most parents are supportive of their child through thick and thin, regardless of the personal life choices they make, as long as the child is healthy and happy. Most children raised in such environments seek out their parents’ advice and assistance (eventually, at least) in their journey to adulthood.

This legislation protects the most vulnerable among us – those very few who cannot necessarily depend on supportive parents, or who are just not ready quite yet to take that big step and tell them.

Please, a little less focus on obedience and a little more on tolerance.

Blair J Lindsay

Kings Heights


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