Local author releases debut novel


Having recently released his debut novel, Revoked, Airdrie author MK Pachan is already hard at work on its sequel – aiming to turn the books into a trilogy, or more.

“Writing has always been an interest of mine my entire life, really, and I’ve always been a big reader,” Pachan said. “But this has been my first attempt at writing a novel, and I’m pretty happy with it.”

Pachan began working on the novel in 2012, while enrolled in a novel-writing course. One of his assignments had him flip through a newspaper to find a story that he’d want to write about – and, after several years and plenty of revisions, that story became Revoked.

“There was a murder that had occurred in Calgary back then, so that’s where I started from – although, in my novel, I changed the story quite dramatically,” he said. “That was the seed that started it.”

During the course, Pachan completed the first four chapters of the novel, but admitted they have been edited heavily since that time. After spending a few years away from his book, he picked it up again about a year ago – and said since then, he’s been taking his writing much more seriously.

“Once I got going and knew where I wanted to take the plot, I could really bear down – it came fairly easily, after that,” Pachan said.

The story follows Calgary detective Cam Clay, who is called out to investigate the murder of a woman and a child. According to Pachan, the team quickly zeroes in on a potential suspect, but when he turns up dead, their investigation becomes much more complicated.

“It weaves through that murder plot, but the main character is also going through some personal problems – he’s in a relationship with a lot of conflict, since his girlfriend is a reporter with Global News,” Pachan said.

For Pachan, writing a mystery police detective novel comes with the territory – he’s worked for years as a parole officer in Airdrie. However, his interest in criminal justice extends beyond personal experience, as he’s been an avid consumer of this genre of literature his entire life. His favourite authors include Michael Connelly and Ian Rankin.

“I hope that people get out of my book the same thing I get when I read similar kinds of novels,” Pachan said. “It’s a serious plot, and bad things happen to some of the characters, but I’ve tried to lighten that a little bit with touches of humour here and there. I want people to be entertained, enjoy the storyline, and have fun getting to know the characters.”

Revoked was released by Friesen Press, and is available in paperback or hardcover directly from the publisher. Pachan said it can also be found at online retailers like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, with eBooks available in all typical formats.

“I’ve gotten some positive feedback so far, and I am planning to follow up this first novel with book two of the series,” Pachan said. “At this point, I just have a rough plot outline almost ready to go – but I’m hoping to write at least a trilogy, if not more.”


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