Local boxing organization looking for support


Airdronian Lucas George is working to use his boxing experience to give youth an opportunity to feel included in a sport, get healthy and learn a form of self-defense through the Knuckles Boxing and Fitness Academy (KBFA).

“We’re offering free training to children who don’t get to participate in sports because their family’s income doesn’t allow them too,” George said. “If we can get kids into our gym – free of cost – off the streets, teach them commitment, responsibilities and instill that into their development, it makes me feel better about giving back to our community.”

Although KBFA is still in its early stages, George has done a lot of legwork to make the program thrive once it’s available to the public.

George said he already has coaches ready to help young boxers in competitive aspects or the health and fitness aspects that come with rigorous training.

George added he is hopeful KBFA will start in summer 2018, but if the right things fall into place it could begin sooner.

“We’re not trying to start too fast, but we’re also trying not to wait too long,” George said. “The sooner it happens the better. We could start training tomorrow if need be.”

Currently, a location for the gym and programming have not been finalized but George is asking for support in the form of donations, time, gear, sponsorship, etcetera, to get the organization rolling.

He said he would like to gauge interest in the program and is looking to see how many kids may like to get involved.

Those interested can contact George on Facebook via the Knuckles Boxing and Fitness Academy page.

According to George, the program will be split into two groups – kids between the ages of five and 13, and a group of 14 to 18 year olds.

George said, though KBFA is intended as a free program for youth, athletes involved would be asked to agree to a level of commitment to the organization and community involvement through volunteering.

“Commitment is your only payment. We expect the kids to show up to a minimum of three classes per week to start that commitment development in children,” George said. “If the city is ever looking for volunteers…we want to say we have volunteers and we want to give back to the community.”


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